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Essential knowledge from CSC for your next building project.

  • Insulating Roofs for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Insulating Roofs for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Insulating the roof is a fundamental step in improving energy efficiency and creating a comfortable living environment within a property. By minimising heat loss through the top of the house,...

  • What is Acoustic Insulation?

    What is Acoustic Insulation?

    Noise pollution poses a significant challenge in modern living and working spaces, impacting quality of life and productivity. Soundproof insulation offers an effective solution to mitigate noise transmission within buildings....

  • Fireproof Insulation

    Fireproof Insulation

    Fire-resistant insulation plays a crucial role in enhancing safety and meeting building regulations across various construction projects. While achieving complete fireproofing is not feasible, understanding fire ratings and selecting appropriate...

  • How Much Insulation Do You Need?

    How Much Insulation Do You Need?

    Insulating a property effectively is paramount to ensure optimal thermal protection and energy efficiency. As a tradesman, understanding the recommended U-values and insulation thickness is crucial for achieving these goals....

  • How to Insulate a Flat Roof

    How to Insulate a Flat Roof

    When considering thermal insulation for flat roofs, there are two primary options - warm flat roofs and cold flat roofs. Each presents unique benefits and considerations, influencing the choice for...

  • What is Thermal Insulation?

    What is Thermal Insulation?

    In the construction industry, insulation plays a pivotal role in heat retention, offering dual benefits of keeping occupants warm while reducing energy costs. As such, insulation is indispensable in any...

  • Insulation Board vs Insulation Roll

    Insulation Board vs Insulation Roll

    In the realm of insulation materials, the array of options available can make it challenging for business owners to determine the most suitable choice for their premises. Among the considerations,...