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Replacing damaged or old, worn out tiles is quick and easy.

Some manufacturers print their name and also any product codes on the back of the ceiling tiles; this is usually the case with Zentia / Armstrong ceilings and a few others.

Enter your tile number or email photos of your tile to to find your match.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace old ceiling tiles?

Costs vary according to ceiling product design and performance features. The type of installation method or system and its associated costs can also affect the total cost of a new ceiling.

Can you replace ceiling tiles?

Yes. You can replace as little or as many ceiling tiles as needed. With our find a match tool, at the top of this page, we can help identify the current ceiling tile and get the exact match.

How often should ceiling tiles be replaced?

It's recommended to replace ceiling tiles every 10 years. This guarantees the tiles maintain their ideal performance, appearance, and other important attributes.

Is it hard to replace drop ceiling tiles?

No. Replacing ceiling tiles is a quick and easy process. Simply lift up on a tile and it pops right out. Once you have the replacement tile, it drops right into the same area on the grid.

What is the cheapest way to cover a ceiling?

The cheapest way to cover a ceiling depends on what is needed. The cost of material for drywall is less than that of a drop ceiling in most instances. However, when adding in labour and maintenance, a drywall ceiling and suspended ceiling costs are about the same.