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Ceiling Tiles for Education

Ceiling Tiles for Education

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Does your school's ceiling make the grade?

Ceiling Supply Company has a huge range of school ceiling tiles, panels, and systems that consider the needs of both students and teachers to keep everyone in-person. Whether it’s sound absorption, sound blocking, or a combination of both, our products are also environmentally safe, mould resistant, and graded high for fire protection.

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Maximise your learning environment

Ceiling Supply Company puts acoustics front and centre with a wide range of acoustic ceiling tile options.

Enhanced Lighting
Bad lighting and glare cause of eye strain and fatigue, which mess with student concentration.

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  • Create a healthier space

    Protect your students and staff with ceiling products that help improve the quality of air they breathe.

  • Bring down the noise

    Tiles that provide excellent sound absorption and blocking to improve comprehension and concentration.

  • Patch and match

    Replace damaged or worn tiles quickly. Our tools and ordering system streamline the process so it's a snap to find a match.

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