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Ceilings to shape your surroundings

Indoor environmental quality is an ecosystem made up of elements working together to form a healthier environment. Our Healthy Spaces collection can help achieve the right balance for your space.

Elements of a healthy space


Contain, clean, and protect everyone in your space by creating an environment that defends against the spread of infectious aerosols.


Bringing down the noise improves comprehension, enhances concentration, and allows everyone to enjoy their time in your space. Learn More


Create a balance of natural and supplemental light and bring the outdoor feeling to interior spaces. Studies show creating more natural light makes spaces brighter with happier occupants, while also resulting in reduced energy consumption.


Achieve optimal comfort by maintaining a uniform temperature, reducing humidity levels, and increasing HVAC efficiency.

Good indoor air quality is essential for your health. Good design also produces more comfortable environments with proper lighting, air temperature, humidity and noise levels. This reduces distractions and creates environments where you can see clearly, hear accurately and not feel too warm or too cold.

How ceilings can make your space healthier

  • Clean, contain and control airflow
  • Reflect natural light and reduce glare
  • Soften in-space noise and echoes
  • Block unwanted outside noise
  • Optimise temperature settings

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