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Types of ceiling installation we offer

  • Full ceiling refresh

    Services include removal and discarding of existing ceiling material, and installation of the new ceiling tile and grid.

  • New ceiling installation

    Services included are the installation of the new ceiling tile and grid.

What we do

What we don't do

Install ceiling products in your business.

Prepare an installation quote same day.

Help you match your current ceiling tiles so you can replace a few stained or damaged tiles on your own.

Install your ceiling from start to finish on prepared surfaces.

Make you wait for a site visit.

Let anyone in your space unless they have been vetted and certified.

Repair ceilings, fix leaks, or troubleshoot architectural damage sources.

What we need to know to provide a quick quote

  • Square meterage of the room
  • Ceiling height
  • Type of space (i.e. office, school)
  • The products needed
  • If a demolition is required
  • If our team will be required to do work at night and/or on the weekends

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