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Hear the difference a ceiling can make

Ceiling Supply Company puts acoustics front and centre with a wide range of acoustic ceiling tile options. Whether you want an epic design solution or simple soundproof tiles, we work with your budget and your unique space to give you peace of mind and peace and quiet.

  • Acoustic ceiling tiles reduce sound levels

  • 95%

    the amount of sound that the best acoustic ceilings can absorb

    Fun fact: An NRC of .95 absorbs 95% of sound.

  • 45

    the number of decibels the best ceiling tiles can block from traveling between spaces

    Fun fact: A CAC of 45 blocks 45 decibels of sound.

Bring down the noise

Noise pollution is more than a headache. It destroys privacy, drives away customers, and leaves workers distracted and unproductive.

Sound likes to bounce around a room. It reflects off of any hard surface it can find – windows, floor, furniture – until it finds something to absorb it.

Because the ceiling is the most expansive surface in a room, it's the easiest place to install absorptive materials to bring down the noise levels.

The science of sound

  • Sound Absorption

    measured in NRC

    People in the same room - We can solve this kind of noise problem by looking for ceiling tiles with an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). The NRC value is the % of sound that can be absorbed by that tile.

  • Sound Blocking

    measured in CAC

    People in the room next door, above, or below - To combat this kind of noise, look for ceiling tiles with CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class). The CAC value is the amount of decibels the tile can block from leaving or entering a closed room when installed as a suspended ceiling.