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Essential knowledge from CSC for your next building project.

  • Insulated Plasterboard

    Insulated Plasterboard

    Insulated plasterboard, as the name suggests, is a specialised type of plasterboard designed to provide enhanced insulation. It comes in various thicknesses and is used for both walls and ceilings....

  • Where to use Sound Resistant Plasterboard?

    Where to use Sound Resistant Plasterboard?

    Acoustic plasterboard, also referred to as sound-resistant plasterboard, lives up to its name by effectively blocking sound waves, thus minimising both internal and external noise. What is Acoustic Plasterboard Used...

  • What is a Metal Stud Wall?

    What is a Metal Stud Wall?

    Metal framed stud and track walls are among the most common types of stud walls, especially in commercial settings. These walls are used to create new partitioned spaces within existing...

  • Types of Plasterboard

    Types of Plasterboard

    Plasterboard is a versatile building material used for lining or creating walls and ceilings. However, with numerous types available, it's essential to choose the right one to achieve specific performance...