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Types of Plasterboard

Types of Plasterboard

Plasterboard is a versatile building material used for lining or creating walls and ceilings. However, with numerous types available, it's essential to choose the right one to achieve specific performance goals.

Sound Resistant Plasterboard

Also known as acoustic plasterboard, this type offers excellent sound insulation by incorporating a dense layer of gypsum into the product. Fixing boards with adhesives can enhance sound insulation by eliminating air gaps.

Fire-resistant Plasterboard

Crucial for flats and shared buildings, fire-resistant boards enhance fire performance and provide protection for a specified duration measured in minutes.

Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Ideal for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms, this type is treated with water-resistant substances to withstand splashes and humidity.

Vapour Resistant Plasterboard

Completely impermeable to moisture, these boards utilise a foil-backed design to prevent moisture penetration, keeping the wall area dry.

Insulated Plasterboard

Designed for enhanced thermal efficiency, insulated plasterboard features larger thicknesses and an additional layer of insulating material between the boards.

External Plasterboard

Water-resistant external plasterboard improves the efficiency of external walls, providing robust protection against various weather conditions.

Plank Plasterboard

Thicker than standard plasterboard, plank plasterboard offers excellent sound insulation and fire resistance, making it suitable for areas where thickness is not an issue.

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