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Forming non-fire rated curved ceilings

Forming non-fire rated curved ceilings

MF ceiling systems are suitable for most internal drylining applications. Ceiling Supply Company has introduced the British Gypsum MF7C Curved Support Channels to our product range which enables a higher degree of design flexibility to create a unique, creative ceiling design without specialist tools or equipment. The fully concealed grid and ceiling lining can be used with both plasterboards and pre-finished acoustic ceiling boards to create a curved, seamless, monolithic appearance.

Key benefits
  • Can be used to create a unique, creative ceiling design using concave or convex curves down to a minimum radius of 600mm depending on board used.
  • Compatible with a wide range of CSC plasterboards.
  • Pre-formed components and standard fixings make on-site installation straightforward, requiring no specialist tools or equipment.
Building design

Use the standard ceiling products MF5 Ceiling Sections and MF8 Strap Hanger, along with the bespoke British Gypsum MF7C Curved Support Channels.

Planning – key factors

MF7C Curved Support Channel is supplied pre-formed to the radius required. Board joints should be avoided on the apex of the curve for the exposed layer of board. MF5 Ceiling Section positions should therefore be pre-determined at the design stage.

Degree of curvature

In common with other sheet materials, board-ends have a tendency to remain straight, and so the minimum achievable radius will be influenced by the board characteristics, the length of curve, the support centres, and the occurrence of board joints.

Board finishing

Whilst a good quality finish can be achieved using normal jointing techniques, a plaster skim finish may be considered, particularly where there are a number of butt-end joints on the curve.


If required, MF7C Curved Support Channels can be extended by following the splicing details in the diagram below.

Methods of joining MF7C Curved Support Channels
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