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Enhanced Thickness Options for Suspended Ceiling Pads

Enhanced Thickness Options for Suspended Ceiling Pads

The logic behind installing insulation pads above your suspended ceiling has always been sound. Our existing range of 25mm, 100mm, and 200mm packs has empowered businesses nationwide to make substantial savings on energy costs while curbing unnecessary heat loss.

Introducing New Dimensions of Efficiency

Now, take your suspended ceiling insulation to unprecedented levels of effectiveness with our latest offerings – pads in 250mm and 300mm thickness. These additions ensure superior insulation performance, allowing you to create an even more energy-efficient environment.

Uncompromised Convenience

While these new pads boast enhanced thickness, rest assured that they remain lightweight to preserve the integrity of your ceiling. Their fully encapsulated packaging guarantees a mess-free and fuss-free installation process, maintaining the ease that our customers appreciate.

Addressing the Rising Tide of Energy Costs

As energy prices continue their upward trajectory, we are committed to supporting our customers in mitigating the impact. By expanding the thickness options in our insulation packs, we aim to empower you to counteract the challenges posed by escalating energy prices.

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