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Insulate your suspended ceiling using polypads

Insulate your suspended ceiling using polypads

Gone are the days of cumbersome installations involving long rolls of glass fibre or rock wool for ceiling insulation. The installation of suspended ceiling insulation has become remarkably more straightforward, thanks to a clever innovation from CSC involving a simple polythene bag.

Each polythene bag has the insulating material securely enclosed, and is the same size of an individual ceiling tile. The sealed nature of each pack ensures the absence of abrasive fibres that could escape and cause skin irritation or inhalation concerns. Additionally, the lightweight and self-contained design allows for quick and easy installation, instantly initiating the reduction of heat loss and, consequently, energy bills.

As temperatures begin to plummet, the demand for enhanced energy efficiency in suspended ceilings sees a surge in orders from schools, offices, and healthcare facilities. In anticipation of this seasonal trend, we are diligently expanding our stock. When you decide to order your suspended ceiling insulation, rest assured that we'll be well-prepared to meet your requirements promptly.
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