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Using shadow batten for walls that aren't straight

Using shadow batten for walls that aren't straight

In a world dominated by square ceiling tiles, a square grid system, and square suspended ceilings, what happens when your room isn't quite square? It's time to go beyond the conventional and think outside the square.

Being Square is Overrated The concept of making a statement with the perimeter of your suspended ceiling might not have crossed your mind before. In spaces with impeccably straight walls, the need may not arise.

However, when confronted with less-than-straight walls, the challenge arises. Placing a traditional straight edge against uneven walls can inadvertently draw attention to the irregularities. Enter the solution - shadow batten. This innovative approach transforms the perimeter of your suspended ceiling into a focal point, skillfully concealing the issue of uneven walls. Acting as a stylish border around your suspended ceiling, it prevents the ceiling from awkwardly abutting the wall.

More Than A Border Shadow batten isn't just a cosmetic fix; it's a strategic design choice. By creating a border, it achieves a dual purpose – enhancing the aesthetics of the ceiling while visually aligning the wall. The result? A more polished and refined finish that deceives the eye into perceiving both the ceiling and the wall as straighter and more harmonious.

So, step away from the conformity of the square, and explore the possibilities that shadow batten introduces to your suspended ceiling design. Let innovation and style coalesce, transforming your space into a showcase of architectural ingenuity.

Shadow batten is available in painted Black or White, 3000mm lengths , and are available for next day delivery from CSC.

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