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Office Ceiling Tiles

Office Ceiling Tiles

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What's up in your office?

Ceiling Supply Company has the office ceiling solution for you and your employees.

Our office ceiling tiles systems can add more privacy, control noise levels, minimise sound between spaces, and much more. We know silence is an asset for productivity and a happy workplace.

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Improve your office space


30% of employees lose their concentration because of noise and chatter. Ceiling Supply puts acoustics front and centre with a wide range of acoustic ceiling tile options.


Studies shows that over 50% of employees perform better in a good acoustical environment. Transform existing shared spaces into segmented areas with nonporous and easily cleanable wall partitions.

Improve Air Quality

We have ceiling tiles that can create a safer environment by keeping the clean air in.

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  • Create a healthier space

    Protect your employees with ceiling products that help improve the quality of air they breathe.

  • Bring down the noise

    Tiles that provide excellent sound absorption and blocking to improve comprehension and concentration.

  • Patch and match

    Replace damaged or worn tiles quickly. Our tools and ordering system streamline the process so it's a snap to find a match.

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