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Ceiling Tiles for Retail

Ceiling Tiles for Retail

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Look out and up for your customers

Choosing the right store ceiling tiles has a powerful impact on your customers' buying behavior and it can change their overall experience. Select a retail ceiling tile with superior durability to withstand sag and abuse while delivering the sound absorption to make your customers comfortable.

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Welcome your customers

The ceiling you choose can help welcome a customer the moment they walk in the door.

According to a 2020 Forbes Article, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Make sure you create a comfortable atmosphere with ceiling tiles that absorb and block sound.

Enhanced aesthetics
The look and feel of your store is just as important as the sound control. Our ceiling tiles can help match the look you want for your store, from bright white to tech black.

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  • Create a healthier space

    Protect your customers and staff with ceiling products that help improve the quality of air they breathe.

  • Bring down the noise

    Tiles that provide excellent sound absorption and blocking to improve acoustics in your retail space.

  • Patch and match

    Replace damaged or worn tiles quickly. Our tools and ordering system streamline the process so it's a snap to find a match.

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