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Zentia Aruba dB

Zentia Aruba dB

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A high performance suspended ceiling tile, Aruba dB is an easy way to create private interiors. Aruba dB limits the amount sound travelling through the ceiling void, making it ideal for meeting rooms, small offices and any other rooms requiring an enhanced level of privacy.

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Previously known as Dune eVo dB, Aruba dB suspended ceiling tiles offer excellent acoustic performance, combining Class C sound absorption with a sound attenuation level of 39dB. This allows Aruba dB to effectively regulate background noise by reducing sound transmission through the ceiling void. This leads to increased privacy in many environments, while still facilitating sound transmission as needed.

Whether designing a collaborative workspace or a space meant for individual focus, Aruba dB delivers acoustic control and enhances productivity.


Aruba dB suspended ceiling tiles contain up to 37% recycled content. Aruba ceiling tiles are rated E1 for formaldehyde emissions and achieve Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certification for low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

Fire safety and technical performance

Aruba ceiling tiles have been classified to EN 13501-1 fire standard and are rated A2-s1,d0. This means that under conditions of a fully developed fire, Aruba ceiling tiles will not significantly contribute to the fire load and fire growth.

These tiles are not only durable and resistant to scratches but also conveniently cleanable with a damp sponge, as well as a dry cloth or soft brush. Additionally, they boast an impressive 95% rating for relative humidity resistance.

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