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Ceiling Tiles for Gyms

Ceiling Tiles for Gyms

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When it comes to gymnasiums, two key considerations are acoustics and humidity resistance.

To address acoustic concerns, it is highly recommended to choose high sound-absorbing ceiling tiles with a Class A rating of 0.85-0.90 or higher. This ensures effective noise reduction within the space, preventing excessive noise from reverberating and creating an unpleasant environment for users.

In addition to acoustics, humidity resistance is crucial in gym settings where moisture levels can be elevated due to intense physical activity. Opting for ceiling tiles specifically designed to withstand humidity helps prevent sagging, warping, or other forms of damage caused by moisture, thus ensuring the longevity and performance of the ceiling system in the gym.
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How a new ceiling can lift up your fitness facility

Enhance acoustics
Absorb and block any unwanted sound vibration from exercise equipment, dropped weights, or certain styles of workouts.

Upgrade aesthetics
Match the look you want with wide variety of styles and colours.

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  • Create a healthier space

    Help protect your staff and customers by improving the quality of air they breathe.

  • Bring down the noise

    Excess noise in a fitness centre can create a bad experience and even be a safety hazard.

  • Patch and match

    Replace damaged or worn tiles quickly. Our tools and ordering system streamline the process so it's a snap to find a match.

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