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Ecophon Advantage

Ecophon Advantage

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Ecophon Advantage meets essential functional demands and provides effortless handling and easy installation. The visible surface is a high quality, batch-painted glass tissue in white with the tile back covered with glass tissue.
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The Ecophon Advantage represents Ecophon's entry-level range. However, this does not compromise its performance, as the Swedish ceiling tile manufacturers consistently lead in product innovation. The glass wool composition of the Ecophon Advantage enables exceptional performance in sound absorption, fire reaction, and humidity resistance, all while offering excellent value for money.

The Ecophon Advantage range consists of easily demountable, glass fibre ceiling tiles with a clean, modern White front and a glass tissue backing. The Advantage complies with the EN 13501 fire safety standard, which sets criteria for building products, and holds an impressive A2 fire reaction rating.

These tiles also exhibit humidity resistance up to 95%, making them ideal for leisure applications like swimming pools, where tiles might sag in the grid if exposed to excessive dampness. Particularly noteworthy is their ability to absorb sound in a given space, resulting in an outstanding 1.00 aw rating – the highest achievable. This feature makes them especially valuable in areas requiring precise acoustic management, such as call centres.

The distinction between the two tiles in the Ecophon Advantage family lies in the edge detail, available with either square or reveal edges. This choice determines whether the tile is visible or recessed within the gridwork.

The Advantage A features a square edge for a sleek, seamless appearance and is available in sizes of 600x600mm or 1200x600mm. On the other hand, the Advantage E has a 600 x 600mm reveal edge for either a 15mm or 24mm grid, creating a shadowed effect that enhances each tile.

In general, glass wool ceiling tiles are highly energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly compared to most ceiling tile solutions. They effectively insulate heat, keeping buildings warm in winter while maintaining a cool interior temperature in summer.

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