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Ecophon Focus

Ecophon Focus

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Ecophon Focus is our most comprehensive system family and supports a range of opportunities through different edge designs, forms, levels and installation options. The visible surface has an Akutex FT coating and the back is covered in glass tissue.
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Ecophon ceiling tiles are made from glass wool, providing exceptional performance in sound absorption (Class A), reaction to fire, and resistance to humidity.

The most popular family of tiles from the Swedish manufacturer is Ecophon Focus. This range stands out for offering the broadest array of sizes and edge profiles among all Ecophon ceiling tiles. Paired with the product's high performance, it has become a preferred choice for architects and specifiers.

All Ecophon Focus ceiling tiles feature a clean, contemporary white finish with a distinctive yellow backing. The Ecophon Focus product line boasts 10 different edge options and six unique additional solutions, making it one of the most versatile in design. Choose between visible edges for creative patterns or concealed edges for a seamless impression. The Focus range is available in 11 different panel sizes, including the largest sizes, which are unique to Ecophon.

The Ecophon Focus family also provides a wide range of design options. The flexibility in colors, edges, panel sizes, grid visibility, and lighting facilitates the creation of a distinctive expression. The visible surface of Ecophon Focus is available in an extensive range of 16 attractive colors, making it easy to find the perfect color option for any occasion.

Unique additional solutions

Within the Focus family, six unique additional products offer design solutions for stylish level changes, wall endings, and free-hanging ceilings. These solutions are designed to give the ceiling an integrated appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Glass Wool

Glass wool is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. With its dense, non-directional fiber structure, it effectively traps sound waves and dampens vibration, providing an enhanced noise-reducing solution. Glass wool also offers excellent fire resistance. The effective thermal insulating properties of glass wool derive from tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure of the wool. In addition to reducing the heat needed to keep buildings warm in winter, glass wool also maintains a cool interior temperature in summer. It is energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Finally, glass wool ceiling tiles are extremely resistant to humidity, ensuring they do not sag even in highly humid environments such as swimming pools or changing rooms. This is because glass wool is breathable and allows moisture to pass through the ceiling.

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