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Timber & Joinery

Essential knowledge from CSC for your next building project.

  • What is CLS timber?

    What is CLS timber?

    Let's start with the basics: What exactly is CLS timber? This handy material is made from woods like fir, pine, or spruce. It's smoothed out on all four sides and...

  • 5 Facts on Timber

    5 Facts on Timber

    Here are 5 quick facts about timber that will help you understand the benefits and advantages; Timber is the Most Sustainable of all Building Materials Did you know that among...

  • What is hardwood used for?

    What is hardwood used for?

    There's many places we can find hardwood - our homes, workplaces, and architectural marvels with their enduring presence. Hardwood has been an integral part of our lives for generations, renowned...

  • What is Plywood?

    What is Plywood?

    If you've ever dabbled in a DIY venture or been entrenched in construction work, chances are you're familiar with plywood. This versatile material boasts a range of benefits that make...