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What is hardwood used for?

What is hardwood used for?

There's many places we can find hardwood - our homes, workplaces, and architectural marvels with their enduring presence. Hardwood has been an integral part of our lives for generations, renowned for its durability and resilience.

Diverse Applications of Hardwood

Initially prised for its utility in boatbuilding, UK hardwoods earned acclaim for durability and resistance to distortion. These versatile woods, characterised by its robustness and aesthetic appeal, have since found favour in an array of applications. When prepared and treated meticulously, hardwoods exhibit exceptional resistance to water, rendering them ideal for a range of uses. With global accessibility, hardwoods are available in a many grain patterns and finishes, catering to diverse preferences and design sensibilities.

Harnessing Hardwoods in Interior Design

Hardwoods offer a captivating spectrum of colours, forms, and finishes, making them a versatile choice for home interiors. While they excel in practical applications such as marine construction, cladding, and structural work, hardwoods also serve as stunning design elements, unleashing boundless creativity.

Exploring Home Interior Applications
  • Cherry wood - Perfect for fine joinery, including musical instruments and cabinetry, boasting a smooth texture and exquisite finish.
  • Maple - Ideal for crafting durable and visually striking kitchen surfaces.
  • European oak - Renowned for its suitability as flooring material, while Sycamore and Tulipwood elevate cabinetmaking to an art form.
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