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What is CLS timber?

What is CLS timber?

Let's start with the basics: What exactly is CLS timber? This handy material is made from woods like fir, pine, or spruce. It's smoothed out on all four sides and has rounded edges, making it easy to work with and handle.

What does CLS stand for?

Originally from Canada, CLS means 'Canadian Lumber Standard.' It was used to build strong houses there before becoming popular in the UK.

Benefits of CLS timber
  • Strength and Durability - CLS timber is tough and long-lasting, perfect for building things that need to last.
  • Easy to Handle - Its rounded edges make it safe and easy to transport.
  • Reduced Fire Risk - With fewer knots, CLS timber is less likely to spread fires.
  • Versatile Sizes - You can find CLS timber in various widths and lengths, cutting down on waste and saving you money.
What can you use CLS timber for?
  • Building homes
  • Making internal walls
  • Framing interiors
  • Creating stud walls
  • Carcassing
Can you use CLS timber outside?

It's best to treat CLS timber before using it outdoors to protect against the weather. While it's good for indoor projects, it needs some extra care for outdoor use.

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