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5 Facts on Timber

5 Facts on Timber

Here are 5 quick facts about timber that will help you understand the benefits and advantages;

Timber is the Most Sustainable of all Building Materials

Did you know that among all building materials, timber stands as the epitome of sustainability? Defined as a resource harvested or utilised in a manner that ensures its continuous availability without depletion or permanent damage, timber emerges as a champion of eco-conscious construction. With proper management, trees naturally regenerate, requiring no additional energy or raw materials. This perpetual cycle ensures a potentially endless supply of timber, provided we harvest responsibly and maintain the health of our forests.

Hardwood and Softwood Refer to the Type of Tree the Timber Comes From

The terms hardwood and softwood denote the type of tree from which the timber originates and have no bearing on material strength. Hardwoods stem from flowering plants that encase their seeds in outer casings, such as fruits or acorns. In contrast, softwoods derive from evergreen trees dispersing seeds via cones or nuts. While softwoods are less dense than hardwoods, density doesn't determine timber categorisation.

A Timber Building can Last as Long as a Brick Building

While external factors like climate, maintenance, and location influence longevity, timber structures boast durability on par with brick buildings. Surprisingly, timber outperforms brick in adverse conditions, particularly in regions prone to strong winds or seismic activity.

Timber Homes are Much More Energy Efficient 

Timber homes surpass their brick or concrete counterparts in energy efficiency, thanks to the properties of wood. As a natural insulator capable of storing heat, timber conserves energy, releasing stored warmth into homes during cooler periods. This energy-efficient design enhances comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Timber is Great for Acoustics  

Timber's inherent acoustic properties make it the material of choice for buildings where sound quality is paramount, such as concert halls. Harnessing timber in your DIY projects ensures optimal acoustic performance, maintaining peace and quiet for both you and your neighbours.

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